Friday, December 19, 2008

It's a winter wonderland!

We don't get much snow here in Western Washington, but it's sure felt like a good old-fashioned East Coast winter lately! It's almost like being back in Philly! We've had about 10" over the last week, with some clear and cold weather in between storms. We're expecting another 4 - 6" on Saturday night, and then hopefully it will start to warm up. I never thought I'd be wishing for the rain to come back!

Emma, of course, loves the snow. She would stay out there until her little fingers and toes froze off, and getting her to come back in is quite the challenge.

This is the hill that leads directly to our house. Kids use this hill for sledding (yes, on the street!) and I watch nervously out the window every time it snows. Amazingly enough, this time we've only had one car end up stuck in our driveway (he slid after trying to avoid the sledders and crashed into the sign post), and only one sledder has gone into our garage door. For the record, the police don't care that the kids are sledding on the street, and a fair number of kids have parents who are not only supervising, they're participating. We wish they'd stop, but we seem to be the only ones who are concerned.


luvmypeanut said...

I heard you guys were getting hit! You can keep it too, I don't want anymore!! LOL

Merry Christmas!


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