Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An awesome stuck-in-the-house craft!

So Emma and I are still at home - a plowing/sanding truck came by around 6:30 this morning and promptly got stuck on our hill. They had to call another truck in to help guide the first one as it came down backwards. They were finally able to get the hill plowed and sanded, and Chad headed to work for a meeting. He said it was pretty nasty out there, so I decided to stay put.

We've done a little bit of everything today. We made cookies, we cut lots of shapes out of paper and glued them to construction paper, we played with playdough, we worked on handwriting, we watched more Hannah Montana than any human being should be subjected to. I had to pull out the big guns.

I saw a version of this on the Food Network - the Neelys made Christmas ornaments this way. They took metal cookie cutters, sprayed them with cooking spray, put them on parchment paper on a cookie sheet, then put some hard candies into the cookie cutters. You put them in the oven until the candy melts, then pop them out of the cookie cutters after they cool. They were really cute, so I picked up a bunch of bags of Lifesavers so we could do it ourselves.

Our first attempt was an abysmal failure. They broke into hundreds of little pieces when we tried to get them out of the cookie cutters. I had to get creative, so I pulled out my silicone cupcake pan.

Emma helped me put Lifesavers into each little well, and I stuck them in the oven (350 for about 8-10 minutes). We let them cool, and VOILA!

Rainbow candy perfection!


drreneigh said...

Pretty! I love the colors for the holidays. What a great idea-I'll have to steal it from you :) Love to you and Emma and the kitties.


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