Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Emma's turn!

Today's blog post comes straight from Emma. The request went something like this:

"Mom? Emma? Pictures? Computer?"
"You want to take some pictures and have me put them on the computer?"
"Do you want me to put them on my blog?"

So here you go, our walk to school, as photographed by Emma.

Emma's friend Alicia lives here - they're in kindergarten together. You can just barely see Alicia in the window; I think she's home sick today.

"Emma, don't just take pictures of the sidewalk." (For the record, I deleted a LOT of sidewalk pictures!) "No, Mom, feet!"

Here are Emma's friend Stephen and his mom, walking to school

Mrs. E - crossing guard and kindergarten aide extraordinaire!

Our neighbor's dog, Ranger. Emma got to practice saying "May I take a picture?"

Classmates Colby and Allyson

Allyson's dog

This made our walk to school a lot of fun. Anybody have suggestions for Emma's next photo blog?


Tara Marie said...

I love, love, love it.......just wonderful!!!

I think the next photoblog should be an outing to the park/playground.

Emma Fern, you have quite the eye and are are good photographer!

I can't wait to see your next session!!!

Amy, thank you for the blog award,,,,I still have not figured out [actually found the time] to receive it and pass it on. You are a sweet heart!!!

Frogs' mom said...

Wow Emma,

You see the world like an artist! What wonderful picutres and what an interesting walk to school you have :0)

Keep on taking pictures - it is important for you to show us big people all the things we forget to look at. Good Job!

Lisa said...

These are wonderful pictures and I love the idea of Emma doing a photo blog....how fun!!! She captured many cool things and you really made it into a neat story mom...love it!!! Glad to know you are feeling better...hope everyone stays healthy for awhile! Thanks so much for sharing!!

All 4 My Gals said...

That was a GREAT idea! I so enjoyed walking to school with Miss Emma!

mum2brady said...

Love it - I think she should take pics of Mom and Dad in the morning.... hee hee!

Thanks for the award - I'm getting to it - it's been crazy here - it may take a few weeks ;)

Love ya!!!


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