Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life with Emma

I'm always talking about how Emma cracks me up every single day. She loves to put on little performances, dancing and singing, and just plain being silly. I managed to catch one on video yesterday, and thought everyone would like to see how hilarious this girl is for themselves. Check out her robot dance at the beginning - it's a classic!



Beverly said...

She is so cute! Noah is a ham just like her! : ) And if he catches us watching him or getting the camera he will also tell us, BYE! LOL

drreneigh said...

I can totally see her being an actress or a spunky weather reporter when she grows up :) All that energy and personality. Looks like school is doing her good.

Tara Marie said...

Love it....she is such a great performer! I can't wait to read about and 'see' the photographs from today. We are so proud of you two!

Kris said...

So cute, love those moves, she really has such a personality! Love it! I also see now what you mean about J an E looking a bit a like, I caught a couple of looks and yup, I saw it!


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