Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

We indulged in an old family tradition last night: fondue! Fondue was our New Year's Eve meal of choice when I was a kid (not sure how that started - I need to ask my mom about it). Back then, we did a hot oil fondue, dipping pieces of meat and veggies into the oil to cook them. These days, Chad and I do a cheese fondue. Could there be anything better than gooey, melting cheese, with wonderful bits of bread, steamed potatoes, and other veggies to dip? Emma thought it was pretty cool, and we had a lot of fun.

Emma went to bed at her usual time, and we (old folks that we are) crawled into bed around 10:00. The fireworks in the neighborhood got so loud around 10:30 that Emma joined us in bed, and we all snuggled in the new year together. It sounds much more idyllic than it was - Emma was in and out of sleep, kicking us in the kidneys. Our dog was terrified of the fireworks and was cowering in any cave-like space she could find. The fireworks themselves were extremely loud and went on for hours. Eventually Chad went into the guest room, because Emma wouldn't go back to her bed and there just wasn't enough room for the three of us. So, Emma slept well, Chad is STILL asleep in the guest room, and I'm exhausted. Sounds like a normal day to me!

Happy New Year to all my friends out there! I hope 2009 brings you everything you're hoping for.


Finding Normal said...

Yum, fondue! I made a chocolate fondue last NYE in the mini-crockpot. Forgot about that this year. We made a dessert pizza.
That's how it goes when Noah comes in our bed. There just isn't enough room, even in the king. I can't wait for Addison to be big enough to join us and really cramp us!

luvmypeanut said...

mmmmm cheese.....melty cheese....mmmm

Happy New Year to you all!

drreneigh said...

Yep, nothing better than melty cheese. We make a great fondue with, of all things, Campbell's Cream of Shrimp soup....add swiss cheese, garlic and white wine....dip the yummy crusty french or sour dough bread and that is one of my favorites. Sorry the fireworks were so stressful. We'll have to talk about sedatives for the 4th of July....
Dr. R

AZ Chapman said...

I have popped in fro tie to time around here Happy Newe year

AZ Chapman said...

thanks for letting me know what y your daughter had to say about the blog it made my day.I hope u will keep reading

Beverly said...

Happy New Year!

mum2brady said...

Hee hee - our dog was cowering by us downstairs too, as we watched the ball fall - LOCAL TIME - with all our children awake - including Mr. Brady!!!

I can relate on the no sleep with a snuggly little one in your bed though. We think we've solved the problem with a heated matress pad - but - we'll let you know ;)

Hope 2009 is a wonderful year for you - I'm sooo grateful that T21 brought us together - we love you guys!!!

Tara Marie said...

Happy New Year, may your year be blessed with health, family, friends and cheese!!!!

I love fondue,,,,,and I feel for you over the fireworks and how they upset your evening. It did sound idyllic until you realize that the poor dog was upset and Miss Emma Fern, and that changes the whole snuggly picture.


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