Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The germs...the GERMS!

I was really looking forward to this morning. Yesterday, I took a 20 minute walk after taking Emma to school and I was going to do it again today. Emma's therapies were scheduled for after school, which would have given me an extra hour to get things done. My list was a mile long, and I hit the ground running when I got up this morning.

Then Emma got up. With a raging case of pinkeye. ~fizzle~ That was the sound of my plans for the morning. Instead, we were off to the pediatrician, scoping out an Rx for gentamycin drops (which apparently sting, based on Emma's screams when I put them in her eyes). The good news? She can go back to school tomorrow as long as she doesn't wake up with crusty eye. The bad news? Tomorrow's the trip to the pumpkin patch, which I've volunteered for. There's no school Thursday (because the PM kindergarten is going to the pumpkin patch). And I have plans scheduled for Friday which will have me out of the house the whole time Emma is at school, which means my next chance of being home alone "getting things done" is Monday. No wonder my house is a wreck!

Yes, I'm a whiner. Yes, pinkeye is incredibly minor. But did I mention that my eyes have been feeling gritty and itchy for the last hour or so?


Frogs' mom said...

Not the dreaded pink eye! Yikes - hope Emma is all better and gets to go to the pumpkin patch. Hope you are still all better in the morning too! As for the house - it's only going to get messy again after you clean it - and I'm speaking from experience here as I look around at the dirty dishes in the sink and crumbs and cereal on the floors - again - sigh.

luvmypeanut said...

I hope Emma is feeling better!!!! And your eyes remain white!!!


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