Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My life.

Three things take up most of my time these days...Emma, Lucy, and George.

We got our kittens on August 2nd, and they've been a lot of work! It's been 17 years since we adopted our last shelter kitten, and I forgot all the problems that can come with them. They both had fleas. Lucy had a terrible upper respiratory infection and a claw that had been somehow ripped out. George had (and is just now starting to recover from) diarrhea. They've been quarantined since we got them to protect our senior citizen cat, and I've spent many days taking care of them (did you know that saline spray helps kitties with colds, just like people?), giving them meds, cleaning runny eyes and noses, taking field trips to the vet, changing nasty litterboxes, and cleaning out poopy bathtubs. Emma's dying for them to come out of quarantine - she's only allowed to play with them when I can supervise. They're finally getting healthy, and we're hoping in another few days we can start introducing them to the world outside Mom and Dad's bedroom.


luvmypeanut said...

awwww they're cute! Coming from the pound, they can be filthy little beasts! LOL

Have you had a tortie before? They can be ill tempered... just fyi. I've had 3 and 2 had horrible manners. One we had to get rid of almost immediately... mean as a snake! The third was a beautiful cat.


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